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prayer request

over a year ago by joe2stud Pray for me
for sexual empowerment and domination

financial dificulties

over a year ago by slave wayne Pray for me
i need guidance from our Dark Lord and from fellow Satanists in how to get out of my financial situation. i work on-call in the film biz locally and also in other areas of the arts. But it is increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Things used to be easier, but i am really having trouble pulling in the money to pay rent and bills and sometimes even to eat (had to go to the local food bank at times and i am not proud of that). i feel that it is time to really look at my goals and plans and perhaps change direction. Normally this isn't something i would want to do as i enjoy the arts, but now as a slave...i need to move in a different direction maybe. Perhaps i need to find different employment, something that would utilize my new slavery status in some way. i ask for prayers in that i will figure all this out and maybe find some help in this. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers on this. boy wayne